'Life in the times of Surveillance Capitalism'


Dismantling filter bubbles. How exactly do we do that? Companies already have all our information. Probably way more of what we know about ourselves. So with this scenario. Will we be able to hack them?

For this class, Mariana Quintero and José Luis de Vicente asked us to come up with an idea. It could be a product, an institution, a law or whatever we could imagine that can deal with Dismantling Filter Bubbles. We imagined "Pop the bubble" an interface/platform that can hack the current bubbles and let you choose what you want to see on social media, news, amazon, etc... All of these to help us enter and see the world with a pair of new eyes and therefore understand the bigger picture.

We (Anisa Isaeva, Hala Amer, Juanita Pardo, Daphne Gerodimou, and I) proposed the following.